Spreading Cheer Throughout the Year

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have Santa Claus personally deliver Christmas to a child or family in need? This is the mission of the James D. Rielly Foundation, named after the man who for generations was Rhode Island’s very own Santa Claus.

That same Christmas spirit of giving and helping those in need, still burns bright with the descendants and friends of the legendary James D. Rielly. The James D. Rielly Foundation is a legacy project devoted to his first love – giving to children.

Year round, the James D. Rielly Foundation works to provide charitable support to the children and families of military personnel and first responders in need. We partner with community leaders, businesses, service organizations, churches, and people of goodwill to help find those needs and fill them.

“Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need? Have I cheered up the sad? Made someone feel glad? If not, I have failed indeed.”

About James D Rielly Foundation


The James D. Rielly Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer organization, funded entirely by private donations.
James D. Rielly Foundation

Ways You Can Donate

From monetary donations to a visit from Santa Claus, there are many ways you can help.


Donating your time is just as valuable as any monetary gift you can provide. Here are a few ways you can get involved.